Finding joy among the dead wood

Living in the desert it can seem that nature’s colors become so muted in the winter and I long for the first signs of spring. My brother who was visiting from England said its nice but he would miss the green grass and trees of home. Of course there is a reason why its so green and much to be said for 300+ days of sunshine each year. When I first moved here it took me a while to realize I could discard my umbrella because it really was sunny almost every day.

I took my camera on a field trip to the Nature Center here in Albuquerque which is nestled in the cotton wood trees close to the Rio Grande. Sadly the river isn’t so mighty these days. I looked around at the sight of brown wherever I rested my eyes but looking closer there are spots of color to be found. The absence of leaves and under growth exposes so many great textures and lines that draw in the eye. It was a perfect day with a stunning blue sky and not a breath of wind.

Here are a few examples of what I found when I took the time to look closer as I walked through the trees.

If you are yearning for the arrival of spring take a moment to enjoy what winter brings.

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