In Search of Albuquerque

I typically focus on landscape and wildlife photography but I was inspired by an article about los muros de burque. “Muros translates from Spanish as “walls”. In Albuquerque, our walls bring people together. Throughout our vibrant city you’ll see our diverse culture expressed not just through the color of our skin, but through the color on our walls. Take a journey into the heart of who we are and discover the murals of Albuquerque.”

One beautiful Sunday morning in January I packed up my camera and parked my car near South Broadway in Albuquerque. I walked in search of the murals located in this area. I had traveled this road many times but not fully appreciated the works of art that brighten up the buildings. It reminded me that beauty can come in many forms. Using a canon 24-55 mm lens I took in the many artworks that reflect the neighborhood and culture of the city.

I want to share with you just a few of the pieces found in this area and encourage you to go out into your own neighborhood and observe what makes up the heart and soul of your home.

Bosque Mural
Dolores Mural
Celebrating New Mexico United
South Broadway Cultural Center
Mural on restaurant located on Coal

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