Attaching your lens (or not)

Most photography blogs will share words of inspiration and in depth technical articles. Some of my posts will follow this format but I want you to know we all make mistakes and I will be sharing some epic fails on my journey.

When I first bought my SLR camera I only had the lens it came with and I asked a friend if I could borrow his zoom lens for a class project. At the time I was taking a basic photography class at the University of New Mexico.

I rushed eagerly to a bridge over the Rio Grande which isn’t really that mighty but in the desert any body of water looks exciting. I took the lens my friend had loaned me and attached it to the camera. I felt so proud as now I looked like a real photographer. I walked to the edge of the bridge and lifted my camera to take my first pictures (award winning of course) and there was a loud clunk. I watched in horror as my friend’s precious lens rolled in slow motion towards the edge of the bridge before disappearing over the edge.

What would I do. I looked over the edge of the bridge and breathed a sigh of relief as the lens had fallen to a ledge a little below. My relief was short lived as no amount of stretching would bring it into my grasp. In total desperation I had to make a call to my soon to be ex-husband. To his credit he came and climbed over the side of the bridge to retrieve it. There was a momentary temptation to give him a quick shove.

The moral of the story is to check your equipment and make sure your lens or anything else is attached. Did I tell my friend? Heck no! Did I give my husband a push? No but the fleeting thought brought a smile that danced on my lips.

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