Anne Hallett Photographer and Digital Artist

Passion, Purpose and Fun

As you start to read this you many think you have wandered on to a self help blog and that I had too much holiday cheer when I created this as a photography blog site. Please stick with me a moment and all will be explained (briefly I promise)

Recently I found myself unemployed after 17 years with the same company and I did the same thing as most people in this situation. I dusted off my resume and started searching recruiting sites like Indeed for my next job. I wasn’t filled with much excitement and decided to step back a moment.

Passion is a word we often throw around but what does it mean? In a post by Alaina Love she shared that we often overlook an appreciation for the connection between purpose and passion and, an understanding of how passion gets expressed in a unique and individual way.

My mission is “To unlock the potential and creativity of others through humility, curiosity, respect and encouragement”

As part of this mission I’m excited to share what I have learned (successes and failures) and, will learn as a photographer. My goal is to help you develop your skills,inspire you to try new things and most of all to have fun.There is no cost to you except a few minutes of your time.

My photography is mostly focused on the breath-taking landscapes and wildlife of New Mexico. The state is blessed with stunning desert landscapes, snow capped mountains, and a rich history. I have been published several times in the New Mexico Magazine as a winner in multiple photo contests.

I look forward to sharing my journey with you.

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